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Good Looking Labs, Horrible ED & No Morning Wood


Here are some lab numbers I have

Total T 916

Free T 24.5 (2.7%)

E2: 37 (AI doesnt seem to help and only makes things worse, ive tried arimidex and aromasin)

SHBG: 23 ( a little on the low end, but nothing like i see “low shbg guys” struggling with in the teens and stuff)

DHT: 50 (tested about 2 years ago after starting trt still feel the same now)

Prolactin : 8 (not high at all)

Progesterone looks normal.

Thyroid, diabetes markers, all look good and normal

no other major health issues

morning wood is non existant, libido is low, erections suck, i can get it up but i lose it very fast and easy, sensitivity sucks, my dick feels like it has about as many nerve receptors as my pinky finger

otherwise i feel mostly good and fine in terms of energy levels etc, nothing amazing but just normal

its like everything is about a 7/10 in terms of how i feel and sexual function is a 2/10

I already take every day injections of testosterone cypionate daily IM

I tried taking 250 IU HCG once per week recently, also tried before at twice per week, no difference, if i take more than that it boosts my E2 really high and AI doesnt help any of my issues

im only 29 years old

Not sure how much longer i can deal with this, i cant have a relationship with anybody

Ive never seen anyone with numbers as good as mine having these issues

anyone have any ideas on what else to investigate?

its really bad, 100 mg viagra barely helps and 20 cialis barely does anything

one other thing is sometimes i get random fluctuations, ill get morning wood for a couple weeks, or ill get really good erections for a couple weeks, then it will all randomly go away, E2, total t free t and SHBG stays the same meanwhile while tested in good and bad cycles

what else could be causing this?

Do you use or have used finasterid, dutasterid or Ssri? Try microdosing Ana or use zinc 50mg + dim + cdg. You feel unmotivated, tired? If it’s not the hormones it’s probably your neurotransmitters.

Taking any supplements?

Just curious but what is your dose of cypionate and how often to you inject? Are you injectiing IM or subq? What is the lab range for E2? Any cholesterol issues? How is your Hematocrit and Hemoglobin Levels?