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Good Lifting Numbers for 280 Pound Guy?


Guys, I have a question what is good weight for a 280 pound guy to be-

Benching- I can bench 340x1( but that is only 60 pounds over my body weight)

Squating- Close to 500 ( I did 500 before but I have not been hitting squat hard lately at all)

Cleaning- I never max but can rep 210 for 8x3( just started doing this exercise actually)

I am asking this because I was working out at my college today and a small guy came up and asked me how much I was benching. I had 335 on the bar it was my last set and it was a single. He was amazed by how much it was, so I said it isn't that much if you look at it body weight wise. He then asked me what my goal was....I totally had no answer my goal is to get stronger. So now I am wanting to set short -term goals and see what kinda weights I need to move before I can be happy with my maxes.


I think 100lb over body weight is a good rule of thumb. This is still pretty general, many things factor into how much a guy should be able to bench, arm length and thickness of torso can make a big difference (long arms and/or thin torso = less weight due to a huge mechanical disadvantage). Regardless of what you weigh 340 is nothing to be ashamed of, that's for sure.


generally accepted impressive stats are:

1.5xBW bench
2xBW Squat
2.5BW Deadlift

BW = Bodyweight


(bad memory)

It was in a Muscle and Fitness magazine a while back. They did it for all major lifts, do a search in Google and it should kick back a calculator or something.


x2 plus there's an article about strength levels that was pretty good for starters, helped me to set some short term goals as well


obviously these may not work for everyone but it is a good start for sure


Wow, only today i was thinking "i wonder If i am lifting allot compared to other 1st time lifters"

and looking at those figures i have a long, long way to go! doh!

Good link though Schadenfreude8


Thanks HolyM, Nice link Schadenfreude8. I was just wondering about it. I have a long way to fucking go. I need to add 120 to my bench 60 or more to my squat and I ain't even messing with deadlift so that is a fucked lift. Well, I guess there is only one thing to do. Lose some weight so my weights I do look better. Eh I am just fucking around that wouldnt be a bad idea I am just having to much fun getting strong. This is the most I have benched since 5 years ago when I was eating Diannabol. I am not taking anything right now so I am happy.


1.5xBW bench
2xBW Squat
2.5BW Deadlift

Mac, I really hope you mean I should be benching my BW 5 times and not 5 times my BW.


uhhh, 1.5 times your bodyweight....

so if you weight 200lbs, you need a bench of 300lbs.


yup, no problem, there's practically a goldmine of info lurking around this site, the trick is to find it, their search engine works actually quite well if you can pick the right keywords




How many reps/sets? or is it 1RM


Those are 1RM numbers.