Good Lifting Gloves

Hey, I’m looking for a pair of good lifting gloves with a moderate price ($15-$25). All I really need is a pair of gloves that feels comfortable and is durable. I’ve got an Oshmans and an Academy close to me and can also order online. Also, what size should I buy? I’m 5’8’’ and have an average hand size I guess. Thanks for the help.

How about going without gloves? The calluses are awesome especially when they rip.

I’d say buy an average size glove for an average sized hand.

How about a block of chalk instead?

spend the $ on chalk

Chalk. Best glove there is.

Unless your gym bans it and you aren’t willing to bend the rules - then make sure they’re VERY snug and breathable. Can’t make any brand suggestions, I have no idea.


Ladies love the callouses.

Why do gym ban chalk?
Mine has a sign that says no chalk. I stil use it.