Good Leg Excercises for Bad Knees?

I am looking to add some size to my quads/legs. There are a ton of good articles on here, but I am worried about which excercises may make my already bad knees, even worse.

Currently I do:

Squats (Full ROM, Ass to Grass, does not seem to bother knees)
Leg Extensions
SL Deads
Leg Curls

I think the Leg Extensions are making my knee sore and not good for it. Looking to replace those, and add some new things that are knee friendly for more volume.

High impact stuff is pretty much out of the question, like jump squats, etc.

Any suggestions on knee-friendly stuff?

machine hack squat, power squat machine, leg press, smith squat, front squat, sled dragging.

Bad knees can mean a lot of things; for you to really get help, you need to be more specific.

I would personally recommend Mike Robertson’s “Bulletproof Knees”, found here:

It contains a lot of great exercises for getting back on track (which really should be your main focus if you ask me)

Good luck,

Thanks for the replies. I am going to add Leg Press and Hack Squats to my routine for now. Smith Machine squats feel really weird to me. No sled to drag. I may add some front squats too.

I read about and wanted to check out the bullet proof knees book, until I saw the price… I would love to train for knee improvements, but I am not shelling out 100 bucks for a book just for my knees.

I don’t want to question your decision on not buying the book - but I will chip in the argument that it’s not much more expensive than a physical therapist for an hour or two. Just an added note.

Sounds good about hack squats; can you do lunge variations?

Working on your single leg squat can be beneficial for both rehab and balance, too.

Best of luck to you mate!