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Good Lean Protein?


Hey guys im lookin for a good lean muscle builder that will help promote weight loss. Any suggestions?


Lean Beef
Metabolic Drive

Those are the main protein sources I've had so far this week.


...aren't we all.

I suggest you spend a little time educating yourself before you go around asking questions like this.


You want a muscle BUILDER for WEIGHT loss?


Caption Contest?

a. I'll pee right after I take this pic
b. He.....took.....it....out.
c. Will jelquing give me hawt arms?


lol guys guys look I am talking about supplements like right now i am taking a protein supp and its alright i am just looking for some suggestions on some good lean protein blends.


Have you considered Biotest Metabolic Drive?

It's sold through this site.


HOT-ROX Extreme plus Biotest Metabolic Drive