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Good Labs, No Libido, Etc. Stumped


I have been on TRT for 1.5 years and except for the occasional good experience with libido and erections it's mostly been a bust. My labs have always been in range, and thyroid is also good.

TT 1200, E2 28, FT 40 SHBG 33 and yet I have nothing going on.

Doc's are all over the place guessing, some say lower dose, others say it's fine and of course others say increase the dose. Presently for the past 6 months I've been on 200mg Cyp .25 x2 weekly and 20mg Zinc daily. Additionally, I have a good diet and don't drink alcohol.

At one point the Doc took me off everything and naturally I went in to the toilet, but we got a couple of lab scores that we needed: LH 4.1 and FSH 8.6 apparently my pituitary is without a tumor, which is very cool.

I would appreciate any thoughts you might have regarding my mystery.




Ever had DHT tested while on TRT? Are you on any type of anti-depressant?