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Good Knee Support


I have been having a problem with my right knee, especially on leg days. I was wondering if anyone makes a velcro knee brace that works good for squatting. I'm not a fan of knee wraps and only need the support for my problem knee anyways, does anyone have any recommendations? I was preferring velcro because any knee brace that gives a lot of support would be a bitch if it had to slide over the calf onto the knee. Thanks.




I feel your pain, my right knee is a problem too.

I don't know of any knee supports that are velcro. Let me know if you find something though.



Knees problems are so complex, it could be a million things.

If you're just looking for some compression support that will help keep the area warm (which really can make all the difference in the world), then you can find any number of full-sleeve or velcro variations at a local sporting goods store like Oshman's or Sports Authority or whatever's in your area.

But keep in mind that the real benefit of those braces you can buy at Oshman's aren't to add structural support. The primary benefit of those braces is for joint warmth. For any REAL structural knee support, you need an expensive custom brace, like a DonJoy. And that should be after evaluation by a doctor because it probably means there are bigger problems.

Another thing that could help you is if you're knee pain is caused by patellar tendinitis, then one of those patellar straps worn just below the knee cap can provide some relief.


what do you think about this one?



Looks pretty good. Some lateral support bars that might help a little. Definitely will provide good wrap and warmth. But remember, if you have problems with stability, especially ACL or PCL instability, you'll need one of those custom fitted, frame braces (like the other ones from DonJoy on that site).


Anyone use the TK knee bands? Are there anything really special about them?



Exactly right. I wear a neoprene sleeve on my right knee when training legs.

It does not provide support but it keeps my knee warm and keeps swelling down.

I think it helps.


Search through the archives - I recall Ian King writing an article in regards to squats and protective measures you can incorporate to reduce the possibility of damage to your knees. It's a good read.

I incorporated his advice with very good results.