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Good Kettlebell Training DVD?

Hey, does anybody know where I can get a good Kettlebell Training DVD for a good price?
Like under $20. Thanks

They are not under $20, but they are on sale right now and they are the best train along Kbell DVD’s I’ve seen and own.


Go to the link on the left for the 12 Days Sales Event.

They have various DVD’s on sale during days 2, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12 and the downloadable workouts (video and PDF file) on Day 10.

I think the sale is good until tonight at midnight, as they decided to extend it an extra day (today) on all items according to the email I received.


There are no good kettlebell DVD’s.

Anthony’s stuff with Art of Strength is very good for those interested in Kbell training.

KBs are not exactly rocket science…you can find about a hundred clips on YouTube. …or look on the CrossFit website. Mike Mahler has written extensively - try teh Google.

[quote]Otep wrote:

There are no good kettlebell DVD’s.[/quote]

that’s helpful!

to the OP. different styles of kettlebell training lend themself to different goals, strength, fat loss, size… etc.
if you are only interested at this stage in learning some of the excercises, check here http://www.liftkettlebells.com/Videos/Kettlebell-Video-Gallery.aspx
will cost nothing. you tube is a bit of a minefield, some good stuff on there and some of it awfull.

google Steve Cotter and you’ll come across a KB master who incorporates both the RKC [“Hard-Style”] and the AKC [“Girevoy Sport”] modalities as well as a tone of BW work.

He approaches training from an integrated performance standpoint.