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Good Job ~Karma~

Good job on losing so many inches and pounds this year! Your picture in reader mail was lovely :slight_smile: I have recently embarked on a phase to lose my “winter weight” also. I noticed you said you are trying Methoxy-7? Have you noticed any gains with it? Does anyone else have feedback on it?

JVO: Thank you! Since I have been fine tuning the diet and experimenting with heavier weights/different rep schemes in addition to using the Methoxy-7 I cannot impirically state that Methoxy-7 is the SOLE reason behind my progress. I can say that I am relatively “in touch” with my body and highly, highly doubt that I’d be making the rather dramatic progess in these last few weeks without it. Seems the Methoxy-7 is intended for helping a person retain muscle while cutting and it’s an effort for me to get my calories above 1300 while keeping a decent macronutrient ratio. There’s a bunch of different formulas for figuring out how many calories a person needs but by most estimations, I “should” be taking in around 1700 (16xbodyweight-500); so I think I fall into that “cutting” category. And as such, I definitely think the Methoxy-7 is helping me keep my gains while the diet and exercise are helping me shed the fat.

Side note While sitting Indian style on the floor last night wearing some tiny boy shorts, I was receiving odd looks from a guy friend. Not knowing what was up in his perverted mind, I asked and was informed that apparently damn near, if not all, my cellulite (the shock, the horror, she admits she had cellulite!) has disappeared and not only that, but that he could see that line thing that goes up the outside of the thigh till it hit my hip! Now, THAT’S a lovely thing to hear! And a high compliment from a guy who’s in incredible shape himself and prides himself on checking out only USDA Prime flesh. grin

May I please see that line, too?

I wish there were more girls like Karma.

Karma, I meant to put this response under the other thread you started, looks like a newbie poster mistake! At least you found it. Thanks for the Methoxy feedback, your experience with it seems to be similar to that of many others. I think I will try to incoporate it later into my routine once I have everything else in order. Keep working! Maybe we need to begin a dieting support group!

JVO: Diet support group a-hoy! I’m quite new to strategizing and tweaking the diet deal so I’d absolutely welcome anyone that’s got the whole thing firmly in hand.

Yes. Good work, Karma.
Best of Luck and continued success.

Karma-As I am currently a fat slob, I do not qualify as someone who has it firmly in hand. I do believe the gist of it for fat loss(a skeleton plan) is:
1.)Calories:~250-500 below maintenance(I feel JB’s calculations are too high for me, I don’t add the thermic effect of food)
2.)at least 1g/lb of protein
3.)20-30% fat mainly as Omega-3’s, and the rest of your calories should come from carbohydrates with a low GI, save for post-workout.
4.) Try to follow JB’s meal combinations, though I always have P+F as the first meal of the day and P+C as the last meal of workout days as I workout at night.

These are the basic guidelines I am following and it is working well so far as the weight loss is mainly from fat and not muscle. I’ve resigned myself to realizing it is a looonng and somewhat painful process. But it is worth every bit of it.