Good job Cardoza

Just wanted to say congrats on your pro card. I also have to say that after following your program listed in the other thread for 2 weeks my body is telling me to fuck off (I mean that in a good way). I have not changed my routine in quite some time and the switch has ignited a serious fire. Thanks for the tips. BTW, your training routine outlined the exercises but no set/rep scheme as far as I could see. The original post has over 200 responses so maybe I missed it but am eager to know.
Thanks Bro!


thats awesome…congrats man and keep up the hard work…bm

The reason I don’t really focus on rep schemes in my posts is because they are constantly changing. I generally stick to a 5x5 or 4x6-8 type scheme, but there are obviously days where I go heavy for doubles and singles. If you want to PM me I could give you some ideas. By the way thanks everyone for all the support. This has definitely been a very exciting week.

Hopefully I’ll have time to post some stuff from Azalea this week.

Thanks a lot for always taking the time to post Brad, we really appreciate it. By the way, congratulations.

Congrats on the Pro Card, all that work does pay off. Its funny, I was training D. Ross the other day and he was asking how your competitions were going, he’ll be glad to hear you got your card. Email me with info and pics from your meet.