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Good job America




Oh geez...

Yep let's continue to squeeze and further tax the corporation...yeah...that will grow an economy!

Instead let's fund unions and union job growth with ridiculous tax payer financed pensions! Hell Yeah that will grow the economy!!!


I'm confused. What's changed?


Good job remains to be seen as they haven't started to work yet. However, for the first time since '08 I have...hope :wink:


It's a delicate balancing act, because you must tax corporations, but you have to keep in mind that they are in business to make money, not to fund government. Corporations are the ones that provide jobs. Tax breaks should be given to companies that keep jobs here and keep them at good wages. This will boost the economy because more people will be working and more people will have extra money to spend. Which will eventually bring money back to the government.


Come on, FI, thats too easy. An editorial cartoon depicting fat cat type business people laughing at the expense of the little people is too easy, and has been done about a gazillion times.

I'd rather see a cartoon that depicts the sense of relief that the middle Americans will have when their securities based retirement funds stabilize and continue to grow now that the environment for business has become a little more friendly, but that would require (too keen of an insight into the feelings of the masses combined with the discreet effect of a healthy business environment) for a political cartoonist to whip out in less than 12 hours.


Wow, you are a budding conservative??


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Right. Republicans manage business so well... cause there was a Republican administration and Republican controlled congress when everything began to fall apart.

Thank god for the "healthy business atmosphere" that they foster.

Wooooo.. man i'm breathin easy.

You all got the memories of a fuckin goldfish


Your Avatar reads...

"I don't always post in PWI, but when I do, I prefer it be a post that depicts my hatred for Companies and profits.....Stay anti business my friends.."


Fighting Irish is an dolt, lets remind you folks that he is a writer, or should I say an Artiste who wants to devote time to this lovely art instead of working like real Americans, remember the comments Nancy made about artist being able to pursue there true goal in life while receiving welfare.
Oh and like fucking imposing healthcare on everybody makes things better you dolt.


Nah. I remember when the steel workers union destroyed and industry that provided about 3 million local jobs and 95% of the steel in the world too.

I also remember the guys my dad used to hang out with- Class of '79 $25.00/hour high school drop outs who would get hammered at lunch then convince themselves that they needed a raise. Beating scabs over the head with wrenches, hitting secretaries in the face with bricks as they tried to get in to their offices.

Instead of investing in updated machinery and production methods, co's had to settle labor "disputes", let the entire infrastructure rust into the dirt and move operations to Japan.

I also remember my last interview with the Steamfitters local 449. I did well with their welding course. Aced their entrance exam at 98%, and have pertinent experience in refrigeration and industrial construction, but No Uncles = No Job. But there were quite a few kids in that entry class who, for some reason, and certainly not for smarts or experience- were quite sure of the way things would go for them.

Same with mining. Got my red hat cert (underground mining apprentice). Shopped myself around. Got some good references from people in the industry, and passed over because the hiring manager placed his son on the crew instead of me. (Of this I have direct knowledge, from the crew manager, who was my reference in).

There isn't even enough room to tell you about the asshole experiences I've had with the Aircraft Mechanics union that ran the shop where I repaired machinery and robotic devices.

So don't give me any company line about short memory or looking out for the little guy. I am the little guy, and I have a lot more experience in getting kicked to the curb by labor unions versus collecting dividends and growth by owning shares in "Big Corporations" than you ever will.

GE, AIG, Citi, and hundreds of other supposed villains got no problems with giving me a share of what they make or that I will benefit from their growth.

edit: Lets not forget the classy folks of the shipbuilders union. They tossed about a thusand dollars worth of my tools (bought with my own money) into the James River when I worked at the Newport News shipyard for an outside contractor. Forget dignity or right to work, I was a scab!

Point being, you seem to be arguing from an idealogical standpoint. Mine is from a rubber meets road position. Unfortunately, the tire tracks across my back were left by democratic vehicles for social change. HaaaHaha The Irony.


Good post Sky, I completely agree. I work for the Post Office and the reason the post office sucks is that it is impossible to fire people. So they can give bad service and still get away with it. We had two people who where caught throwing away mail but due to a technicality they are still on the job. We have a lady who filed false workers comp but she is still on the job.
It's not pitbull its more like poodle to me.



Delightful cartoon. It'd have been just as relevant if it was dated 2008. If Irish had any sense, he'd go see who the Big Banks, Wall Street and Big Health donated to in the 2008 election cycle. Hell, at one point, I thought the Democratic Party was going to change its official name to Goldman Sachs.

This notion that Democrats are rootin', tootin' populists "for the people" against the Big Bully is a joke and has been for years.


And this is my problem, Bolt...

People wishing to put admirable qualities on one party over the other...one is more "for" the people than the other...one spends more than the other...and one is "more in the pocket" of Big Buisness than the other...

This election saw spending in the BILLLIONS...and it was a midterm! I will guarantee you that NO candidate was turning down money from anyone...whether they were a DEM...a Republican...or a TeaRepublican...



Nobody was arguing in favor of the unions.

Neither is the cartoon. So I'm sorry you picked a shitty profession and the unions fucked you. Join the damn club. Stil has no bearing on what I'm talking about right here- the cartoon had nothing to do with the unions, which I am no fan of either.


Says the postal worker (ahem. yeah.) Who belongs to, of all things... a fuckin union. A strong one, too.

I am a journalist for various publications involved in many endeavors. I work like everyone else does, and worked my way into this position after ten years driving a forklift. Nobody protects me, watches my back, gives me handouts, or fights for me when I fuck up.

In short, blow me.


Bringing in profession was not cool. Stay short and stocky my friend. May your forklift hit many pounds of money!