good ideas?

I was wondering on your supplemental work, after your max and dynamic effort, would it be wise to use other training methods. Keep the same exercises that you have but, include iso- holds, cluster training, complex training, supersets, and timed sets. If this is a good idea could you give me an example of how much volume to use and how often should I use something like this.

also thinking of buying bands. I am getting mixed results when I read the recommendations. My bench max is 315 I was thinking of buying the minis or the greens, which one?


phil s.,

The only other methods that I use after a rep day or max effort day are supersets and/or iso-holds. DON’T use methods such as cluster training, etc. within a westside-type of template. They are way too neurologically demanding to bunch them all together. Choose one or the other. I have had great results with cluster training, but that would be a completely different training cycle.
On the other hand, supersets and iso-holds can be used in these workouts. As a matter of fact, I just got done training 2 of my stud college football lineman and I used both of these methods. Here was tonight’s workout:
A. Ballistic bench w/ mini bands - 8 sets of 3
B. Incline dumbell bench - 4 sets of 8
C. Iso-hold lat pulldowns - 4 sets of 10, hold 1st rep for 10 sec.
D1. Standing dumbell shrugs - 3 X 10
D2. Standing hammer curls - 3 X 6