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Good Idea

The other day I was doing some grip training with a barbell by putting plates on one end and grabbing the side with the plate around the fat part of the bar. This is awsome, but not what the idea was. I had decided to do biceps (something I rarely do). Well I have an olypic shot put, so I decied to do some concetraion curls while cradeling/griping the ball in my hand palm up. I must say it was awsome. The shot is only 16 pounds but I got a lot of work in my forarms, wrists, bi’s, and even my fingers. Its difficult just to keep the ball steady while your curling it and it gets harder to keep your wrist straight to keep the shot from rolling out of you hand. Just thought I would share my idea.

The shot thing sounds like a softball lift. Get a (cheap dirtbag) softball, drill a hole in it, stick a spike through, bend it back on itself & use it to pick up plates. I’ve heard of guys setting up a bar like they’re going to do deadlifts or some other lift from the floor & then, with one hand, they lift one end of the bar up by the plate, pinch-style. Or set up to do a deadlift & instead of grabbing the bar, grab the plates by hooking your fingers over the side (the letters should be facing out). That’s one Steve Reeves used to do. Go to grippage.cyberpump.com to get to the grip board for more.