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Good I.S.P.?

Any opinions on which internet service providers are better than others? I got six months of MSN free when I got my computer and I am not too impressed. Half the screen is taken up with ads and places to check the weather or the stock market. As far as quick log on’s it is OK and I have not been booted off (yet). Are there any that have full screen without the all the junk and limited banners or pop-up? Thanx T-folk!

From what I’ve heard Earthlink and AT&T were good. I dunno how they are now but they shouldn’t be too bad for regular phone line connections (should even still be the two fastest dialup services). If you’re up for it though, I would say go for broadband - either cable or DSL (according to your cable and phone companies respectively). You get way faster access and downloads without the dialup hassle (waiting to connect, connection drops, excessive lag, etc.). But if not, go for those two services that I mentioned above. Broadband is not exactly cheap, although with a bit of research you could probably find the best deals around without breaking the bank. Also, everything that I’ve mentioned is banner free. Hope this helps in your search.

I just switched to cable and I wish I would have done it years ago. I looked around and got a good deal on the modem and the first year.

Jeff T and Scary, Thanks for your input. I have cable so I might as well see what they have to offer. I am not online all that much mostly just checking e-mail and some shopping. Speed isn’t that big a deal for me but I sure would like a full screen to work with.

Just open up a browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape after you’re connected to the MSN network, it’ll be full screen.


Mnkybut to B, Jeez your right! I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed at least on this subject. By doing what you said I think my current service will do and I get the full screen. Thanks!

Sorry about that. I was under the impression that your service uses some sort of ad-ware that takes up a portion of your screen like NetZero does. Since you don’t use your computer that often on the Internet I’d probably hold off on any broadband services for the time being. It really sin’t worth shelling out the extra money if you don’t use it often enough to get your money’s worth. But if your local service offers you a great trial deal (I know over here Comcast usually does a $19.95/3 month introductory deal) then definitely give it a shot and see how well you like it and if you actually end up using the Internet more often. If not, your current service is fine for your current needs. Anyways, hope this helps. Good luck.

Mnkybut to Jeff T, You know I think my isp does do the ad-ware thing. I tried netscape and it still came up small screen with all the ad’s and stuff. Is there no way around this without changing to another isp?

Well, what I mean by adware is that your ISP functions on ads. If you were to close that little program with all the ads flashing than you would be disconnected. That is prevalent to something like NetZero (ironic how they charge you now). However, the ads that just pop up through Internet Explorer or Netscape windows are just plain ads that go along with the site(s) you surf. For that, I don’t think there really is a way to get rid of those. I do remember reading about certain programs that can do the job but I think over the years these programs have lost their “magic” and hasn’t garnered a true following to have any merit for continuing to improve these programs. I think you can still find these programs at download.com or some other shareware downloadable site but personally I wouldn’t really worry about those. To my knowledge, I don’t think MSN uses ads to keep its service running (especially since it is driven my Microsoft) but it’s been a while since I last saw someone I know use it. Regardless, I hope any of what I’ve said can be of help to you. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions. Take care.