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Good Hypertrophy Templates?

I would ask for the best but i know theres no one “best” method blah blah, so ill ask what a couple good ones are and sort through. Right now im thinking of doing a 3x8 2 day split using one type of exercise per muscle group. I want to transfer to DC after but i just want to make sure everything is up to par first.

Really anything that allows you to make consistent gains in terms of adding weight to the bar combined with adequate rest and nutrition is going to give you results.

Your idea sounds fine to me. But, try it out and find out for yourself. Make sure that every workout (where you do the same exercises) that you are beating your last performance (if you can try to add load to the bar every time). My only suggestion would be to use a rep range, not an exact number of reps. Something like 8-12 is a tried and true rep range.

Other good templates include:
“Starting Strength”

Once again, really any balanced program that allows you to continually add weight to the bar will work.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.