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Good Hotels In LA and Las Vegas?


The partner and I are heading over to the US in September next year.
Obviously websites such as trivago and trip adviser have recommendations but I’d rather hear it from first hand experience
Cost under $400 a night would be preferable but not a deal breaker


What kind of itinerary are you looking for? Budget on gambling, etc?


What’s your plan for LA? I’d stay in an AirBnB over hotel any day.

I’ve never been to Vegas, but I imagine a hotel would be preferable.


For LA last stayed/can recommend Kimpton Palomar on Wilshire Blvd, great location, nice rooms very well run. The ‘W’ West Beverley Hills good also.


We stayed at the MGMin Vegas probably 10 years ago. It was pretty nice. I’m sure most of them are similar.

It’s a great place to skydive if you’re into that.


Pretty much any place in Vegas you will have a blast… Depends on what you want… For all around fun & price I like MGM and Mirage but Im banned from Mirage now :frowning: But if you want class you cant go wrong with Belagio or Ceasars… Wynn & Encore & Cosmo have the best clubs IMO… Since your not going in pool season Id say just get a good deal on the strip… For a nice Sunday Funday hit the strip clubs after you place your NFL bets & njoy tiddies dance/drink specials all day…My fav for that is Saphire but I hear Girl Collection is fun


We have booked an AirBnB for when we land for 4 days in LA, great suggestion thank you

We have actually booked the Excalibur, a little cheaper but we don’t mind, we are looking at a little upmarket after a few nights because we are actually getting married in Vegas :grin:

Not too sure the better half Would appreciate that :joy:
I’d like to know why you’re banned from mirage though… hahaha


No limit really, but we are getting married over in Vegas so that’ll be the main purpose


Do you have a place picked out? Please not an Elvis wedding…Congrats


Paris Las Vegas is nice and romantic. Tables aren’t as cheap as some but enjoyable. The Eiffel Tower restaurant, well basically all their food is stellar imho. It’s not too pricey, especially in off season. Check it out :hugs:.


Yeah we have a nice little chapel booked, we have a whole bunch of family and bridal party flying over for it
Trying to plan something back at home was way too stressful, why not combine the wedding and honeymoon in one!

It’s funny you mention that, because it’s actually where we are heading afterwards! Haha


Congrats again :hugs: I wish you the best! Planning a wedding in a different country must be challenging. I’ve got some frequent flier miles if you need someone to do cake testing :rofl:


Thank you!

Honestly, it’s less challenging then one back at home
We have always done things our way, as in it’s on our terms, and haven’t necessarily followed traditions and what not.
After creating lists for guests and venues, ceremony, flowers, decos etc etc… It was pushing our budget
We were kinda like, why the hell do we want to spend essentially a house deposit montary sum on a lavish wedding when we can spend that on a kickass honeymoon and just have the people who mean the most with us.

Hahaha I’ll keep it in mind, any recommendations on must be food stops, throw them my way


We filled a room with hookers & coke…went bananas for my divorce party…set curtains on fire trashed room & had multiple noise disturbances… #noregerts




My father-in-law just happened to mention Treasure Island is offering $100/rooms plus a free second night in Vegas