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Good Homemade GHR

My apologies to the moderators if this post violates any rules; feel free to delete. Anyway, for about $100 I’ve built a homemade glute-ham raise that I’m incredibly proud of, and have included a breakdown of exactly what you need for parts in the current issue of the small bodybuilding/fitness magazine that I produce (though the article doesn’t include step-by-step directions, anyone that can use a power drill should be fine).

The contraption allows for reps to be done from the parallel to the floor position, though I might be adapting it soon to allow for a full back extension, too. I don’t think it’s appropriate to advertise the magazine here. Check out the image I’ve attached for a better idea.



sick dude! all i got is a smith machine and one of those half-rubber ball thingys where people to erobics on

was that completely your idea & engineering?

Adapt and overcome. Good creative thinking my friend.