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Good High Rep Endurance Routine

Can someone pls. point me in the direction of a good high rep, endurance routine. I looked through almost all of the previous t-mag issues, and couldn’t find much. I was interested in the GVT 2000 though. Can anybody comment on this routine, or any other high rep endurance routines?

Anyone got any opinions of this? Never really though of GVT2000 as an endurance program, but I suppose it can fit into that category.

Could you be a little more specific please? What are your goals? Why are you persuing a high rep endurance routine? I have some great ideas for you, but I need more details. Check out ‘Combat Conditioning’ by Matt Furey as well.

Check this out!


i did GVT back in january. it is a good routine. the only thing that has gotten me sorer is EDT. its hard to say if its a good indurance workout b/c i found it to be more of a burnout workout. incredible pump comes from the German volume workout as well.