Good High Cal. Powder?

Doing hypertrophy training right now. My diet is good. I’m consuming around 5-6 meals a day. Maybe 1-2 protein drinks a day. And 2 on training days. Would like to add a high cal. drink to my day to try increase my cals.

1st of the month right now. Anyone know of any tasty ones @ GNC?

Most of those high calorie powders are loaded with sugar, and low-quality protein.

Why not use Classic Grow! (for the carbs), and blend in whatever you want?

That way you know it’ll taste good and be good for you.

try Real Gains by Universal Nutrition. i havent tried it yet as i have just found out about it myself. I am planning to tho. its high in cals, protein and carbs but only 5 grams of sugar, it also has plenty of aminos too

Chocolate CytoGainer…mmmmmmmmmm

More like high crap powders.

Seriously, you just need need some Grow!.

Want some fat? Carry some nuts.

Want some carbs? Carry some low-fat Granola.

All the high cal powders just throw in a bunch of shit and a scooper the size of my forehead. If you can carry around all that powder, you can definitely carry around some real food.

What TriGWU said.

Lots of real food, Surge right before/after workouts, and Low-Carb Grow! for extra protein. Leave the crap powders for the pretenders.