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Good HFT Pogram ?

I’m planning on switching between 2 workout routines week to week.
The high frequency part is based on Chad Waterbury’s parameters for a high frequency split. The other split is a push/pull split. Is this routine good or would it be too much?

Days 1-6:
High Frequency
Day 1- 8 sets x 3 reps for all excercises. 60 second rest between pairings.
A1 Decline Bench Press
A2 DB External Rotation
B1 Back Squats
B2 Dumbell Tricep Extension
C1 Dumbell Military Press
C2 Leg Curl
D1 Chin Up
D2 Calf Raise

Day 2- 2x12 for all excercises. 75 second rest between pairings.
A1 Deadlift
A2 Tricep Pressdown
B1 Seated Cable Row
B2 Seated Calf Raise
C1 Incline DB Press
C2 Standing Hammer Curl
D1 Crunches
D2 Side Laterals

Day 3- Rest

Day 4- 6x4 for all excercises. 60 second rest between pairings.
A1 Bench Press
A2 External Rotation
B1 Deadlift
B2 Machine Tricep Dip
C1 Lat Pulldowns
C2 Hanging Leg Raises
D1 Rear Laterals
D2 Dumbell Curls

Day 5- Rest

Day 6- 3x8 for all excercises. 60 second rest between pairings.
A1 Hack Squats
A2 Reverse Tricep Pressdown
B1 Upright Rows
B2 Calf Raises (on leg extension machine)
C1 Dumbell Flies
C2 Incline Dumbell Curls
D1 Reverse Crunches
D2 External Rotations

Day 7- Rest

Days 8-14:
Day 8- Legs
Leg Press- 4x6
Leg Extensions- 3x8
Leg Curls- 3x8
Calf Raises- 3x8

Day 9- Push Day 1
Bench Press- 4x6
Military Press- 4x6
Incline DB Press- 3x8
Side Laterals- 2x8
Tricep Extensions- 3x8

Day 10- Pull Day 1
Bent Over Barbell Rows- 4x6
Lat Pulldowns- 4x8
Seated Rows- 2x6
Barbell Curls- 2x8
Hammer Curls- 2x8

Day 11- Rest

Day 12- Rest

Day 13- Push Day 2
Decline Bench Press- 3x6
DB Military Press- 3x6
DB Flies- 3x6
Upright Rows- 2x8
Tricep Pressdown- 3x6

Day 14- Pull Day 2
Pullups- 3xfailure
Iso Lateral High Rows- 3x6
Bent Over T-Bar Rows- 3x6
Shrugs- 3x8
Incline DB Curls- 2x6
Preacher Curls- 2x8

Day 15- Rest

Day 16- Repeat

A. How is it a “program” if the second week is completely different than the fist? Isn’t that more like one program for a week and then another program for a week?

B. Do you think Chad Waterbury is stupid? What is wrong with just following the program and then moving on to another one when it is done? Im pretty sure one of his more recent articles focused on increasing frequency over several weeks.

C. How much time did it take you to plan out only two weeks of lifting?

If you don’t mind me asking.

If it works for you then it is a good lay out. I think the general idea behind HFT is to hit all the muscles several times during the course of a week. The motif works so far as I can tell. I have been doing HFT for a couple of weeks and I can tell you, I just can’t seem to get sore anymore, so something is working. I wouldn’t “split” though. Hit it all. I just change focus.

I start upper body one day, then start legs the next, but all muscles get hit every work-out. This is working well for me right now. I am breaking one of Waterbury’s rules. I try to anihalate myself each work out. I am not doing it because it’s smart, it’s just how I like to train. It’s working well so far as I can tell. My gym performace is improving and that’s what matters.

Again, that’s what I am doing. Do what works for you. My life is to unpredictble to design a “progam”. I don’t need it anyhow.