Good Healthy Night Time Snack ?

like title says, for some reason after dinner i always get hunger cravings about a hour later usually for something sweet, anyone have good things that you eat that will satisfy you thats really low in calories and carbs? right now im doing ricotta with protein powder and a little splenda

FINiBAR. Eating carbs in the evening can actually be good for satiety the next day.

Google the exact phrase:

is late night eating better for fat loss

It’s on Martin Berkhans leangains web site.

cottage cheese

Sounds like your on the same plan as me. If I go out drinking and come back hungry I down two scoops of Metabolic Drive and 2 cups of cottage cheese with some blueberries mixed in.


LOL @ “snack”.

Bodybuilders don’t have time for “snacks”. I could be eating a meal then.

Try a burger.

Protein powder with double cream and milled flaxseed