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Good Hamstring Exercise


So i guess i should not neglect my hamstrings. is there much growth potential for them? and i am looking for a good exercise, i know i can easily find a few but i want to know what you use on your own legs. the only effective one i can imagine is the leg curl, but i dont want to be seen doing that


stiff leg deadlift
romanian deadlift
glute ham raises


I do leg curls- both standing and prone, single and double leg. There's nothing wrong with that.

Also SLD and GHR hit me pretty good as long as I have not worked spinal erectors the previous day.


Deadlift is much more preferential to leg curls in my opinion.......If you can picture your gran doing it then you shouldn't be doing it.


AH FUCK! Why did you have to make me think of my gran on an adductor machine!? You.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGHHH!!!


I dont even know how to use the leg curl machine. it is weird. there is not much room in my gym for deadlifting, and i dont know about the weights. i was in a high school gym since i work in the school and there were huge deadlift weights and i could lift those, my gym now does not have that. I would have to stack alot of 45 plates. i tried dumbells but i just did not feel it working anything.

you say that deadlifting is preffered, so it is equal in effectiveness? and i could just do eight or so sets of that?


I like good mornings.

You're 5'8", weigh 160 pounds, are asking about hamstring exercises and yet you claim to have to stack a lot of 45 pound plates for your deadlifts?

Anyway, the huge plates you are referring to are bumper plates. I believe each bumper plate weighs 45 pounds. (Guys are always impressed with size.) I have never used them before, but I believe the purpose of the bumper plates are for a softer landing when dropped.

You probably need to work on your form.


Yes, you can do 8 sets, just not high reps.

And pack on the 45s. People get really scared when they see someone lifting using more than 2 45s on each side.


The bumper plates are used when you don't want to beat up the weights and the floor, which also helps if you have a platform.

And there are 55 pound bumper plates, 35 lb, and so on.


Except for it sounds like he doesn't know what he is doing, and it is just painful to watch badly performed dead lifts with more weight than the person can safely handle.


yes i would have to stack 45's on despite my weight. i guess perhaps i am stronger than you imagine me. and you would have to take my word for it wouldnt you femme?

i will be surprised if the weights i lifted in the high school were 45, because they have to be rolled about. i do envy these football players for their strength, maybe you could go spot one of them on their deadlift. my form however is just fine


I started doing stiff-leg and romanians and I finally started to see some change. I would recommend those two but I wouldn't neglect the good old lying leg curl.


Wait, WHAT?