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Good Gyms in South London?

Err ok, I was the person who asked how to work out in a crummy machine gym with all of 3.5kg of free weights for a smith machine…I jest but not too much.

I’ve pretty much been thrown out of the gym for side pressing because it’s ‘‘dangerous.’’

So I need to join a new gym (no power rack etc at home, only a barbell) So does anyone know any decent (not too expensive) gyms in South West London?

Crystal Palace Sports Centre without a doubt. One of the best places to train in the country. They have a small gym catering for weightlifters, powerlifters and athletes. You’ll see some top lifters there, as well as olympic and professional athletes.

its not terribley close but it is cheap. i trained at Courtney’s in the Seymour Leisure Centre, W1H5TJ
020 7723 8019

i was studyiong abroad for 6 months and it worked for me… or you could just travel to the temple gym and hang with Dorian!
good luck