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Good Gyms in Saint Petersburg, FL?


Anyone know of any good independent gyms in Saint Petersburg Florida? I am currently unemployed and looking for a good alternative to my very expensive Golds Gym membership.

While we are on the subject, do any of you T-Nationers out there know what happened to Titanium Barbell Club? I drove past it a couple of weeks ago and it was closed. This was a very cool gym that was once known as the "54th Ave. Gym". Any info. would be appreciated.


I don’t know of anything offhand, but I got this for you. Might want to check a few of the unfamiliar names out. Or at least call 'em.



I am going to be in Clearwater for the summer and I will probably use the YMCA gym since it is one mile from my house. They are typically cheap but crowded at times.


Thanks for the help. It is much appreciated.


there are few lifestyle’s there in saint-pete