Good Gyms in Phoenix?

Through work I have been presented with the opportunity to move to Phoenix, AZ, which I am really looking forward to. I’ll probably move somewhere in October, no specific date yet. Anyway, once I am there I’d like to join a gym ASAP so if you live there or have lived there, what gyms would you recommend and what gyms would you definitely not recommend?

I’d like there to be no lunk alarm :slight_smile:

Also, how is it to work out there? I know the temperature gets pretty high especially during summer. Is it possible at all to work out later in the day or just early in the morning?


I just moved from Phoenix so I’ll try my best to help. Phoenix is a great town, but it is definitely hot as hell. Be prepared for over 100 for a good portion of the year. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t cool off at night, so it’s pretty hot even in the evenings and early morning. It all depends on your level of heat tolerance. Still, most gyms are good about having plenty of A/C.

It really depends on what kind of gym you are looking for. If you just want a commercial gym then there is Gold’s Gym by the stadium in Peoria that is good. A few Bodybuilding pros like Troy Alves train there, so they should be pretty forgiving about heavy lifting.

If you’re looking for a real powerlifting gym, there’s Raging Inferno Power (R.I.P). It’s out in Peoria and it’s the real deal. Don’t go there unless you plan on competing in Powerlifting. Here is some info so you can get in touch with them:

Die Hard Gym in Peoria is another good one. They host powerlifting meets all the time, so they would be a good resource. Might be the best of both worlds; very PL friendly but not totally focused on competition.

For God’s sake don’t go to any Pure Fitness or LA Fitness.

Let me know if you need any more info. Hope this is helpful for you and welcome to the desert!

x2 on Gold’s in Peoria - that’s where I go. Plenty of benches, racks, barbells, hammer strength and dumbells up to 150lbs. I work out there in the evenings and the temperature is kept pretty cool.

I suppose though it’ll all depend on where you’re living and work. Phoenix (and the surrounding cities) is one gigantic sprawling community.

thanks guys, I’ll be sure to check those gyms out when I get there!

Hey kerel, ik woon zelf ook in Arizona, helaas niet in phoenix verder naar het zuiden toe. Als je er bent moet je mij eens bellen, hier is mijn mobiel 520-732-1010.



so I’m here now. Moved from the Netherlands about a month ago. Got set up and I’m ready to join a gym now. However, Peoria is going to be a bit too far for me. I live in Tempe. Who has got some good suggestions around this area?

I live a 30 sec walk from a gym, but it happens to be a Planet Fitness :frowning: