Good Gyms In Orlando

In January, I’m moving to Orlando area, and want to live near a good gym. By “good gym” I mean one with long hours, lots of freeweights, some machines and some cardio equipment. I’ve heard one place downtown which at some point was called “Metro Muscle” is good, but I need more options.

What’s good out there?
Fits your requirements.
Owned by Brian Schwab from Elitefts.
Largest Gold’s in the nation.

All the gyms are 24 hours and have a good free weight selection. The golds has a cardio theater also.

Edit: The Gold’s requires a contract, the other two don’t.

Im actually moving down there next January, so thanks for throwing this out there, might i ask why you’re headed down there ?


Brant_Drake: Thanks—that was fast!

WS4JB: I’m transferring to a different office within my company (at my request).

[quote]Gynomometer wrote:
Brant_Drake: Thanks—that was fast!


Lucky timing.

I’ve been in Orlando a few years and really like it.