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Good Gyms in Montreal


Alright, so this isn't quite the forum section I should probably post this in, but there doesn't seem too many other places it fits.

I'm a recent university grad, and as such, no longer have access to my university gym. I just got back from Africa, so I'm looking for a decent gym in Montreal that's relatively low-priced (as I'm still job hunting). I've checked into a couple, but the only one I came across that had a really good price was shit. All machines, no squat or power cages, very few free weights, and the guy at the desk was out of shape and kept telling me "here'e our bodybuilding section," while doing mock bicep curls every time... Anyway, figured there's bound to be some Montrealers in this group who can help me out. Good gyms? Good prices? Montreal (preferably downtown or around the Verdun area, as I'm bound by public transport).




Ask jasmincar about it. The gym he trains at houses the infamous gym slut. LMAO


Pro Gym Serge Moreau Inc - 4500, Rue Hochelaga, Montreal, QC - 514-252-8704

I guess that would be the best place to go, but I think it a little far from where you live


Cardio energie.


Well I think the best gym is the one that's closest to you...as long as it's decently equipped. Much more easier to find time for it.

So just google: gym verdun montreal and you'll find a bunch near your location.




the top 3 gyms in montreal (no particular order) are Monster gym(west island), pro gym (as mentioned earlier, near the olympic stadium) and of course Powerflex (st.Laurent), then u have the pussy centers known as nautilus plus, energie cardio, etc.


don't forget curves :slightly_smiling:

By the way is monster gym that good? I'm in the west island but never been there.


yea its a good gym, they have three or four of everything and its pretty big. i also forgot to mention Atlantis as a good gym.


Thanks for the help. I found a decent gym like 2km from where I live called Gym Expert. Averages out to under 24$/mth, and it has all the necessities (squat cage, power cage, deadlifting/oly lifting, and all the other standard stuff). One of the owners and trainers is actually a previous oly lifter who went to the 96 olympics.


Funny I know the taekwon-do guy who teaches there...