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Good Gyms In Colorado Springs?

Ok, now that Planet Fitness has bought and converted all the WorldGyms in ColSprings, where can someone go to actually train with weights?

I'm looking for a place that has all the hardware (everything for the major lifts, etc) and an affordable membership.


Biotest is located in Colorado Springs. Maybe they have a facility on site or close to where the headquarters are. Maybe one of the authors will chime in, or maybe PM TC or Chris Shugart.


We have a gym, but we've only got one Bosu Ball and a pair of 15-pound dumbbells. It kind of makes it hard to share.

Nah, we have a full gym, but we're not set up to be a public gym. All kinds of legalities involved. Plus we don't want to see any of our readers in the locker room naked.


Then I guess I'll have to become an employee, TC. :wink:

Hell, I don't even like to see myself naked, right now. That's one of the reasons I'm looking for a good gym. Not quite as bastardly fat as I was, but not where I wanna be.


Bump! Any one have any input on this?

If you don't work at Biotest, and you aren't an Olympic athlete with access to the OTC, where are T-Nationers in ColSprings going to lift the heavy stuff?


24 Hour ain't bad. I know, I know, the hardcore dudes will shriek over that one, but they got all the equipment you need plus abundant, I do mean abundant, eye candy/motivational aids.



Thanks D. I might just check it out.