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Good gym in Seattle, WA and Atlanta, GA

Dear T-men/ladies in Seattle and Atlanta,

It looks like I may go to Seattle and/or Atlanta for next few months for work. Anyone has any rec for good gyms in Seattle and/or Atlanta?


I just moved to Atlanta and have joined the Peachtree Athletic Center, downtown. It’s a great gym. A bit on the pricey side, but an excellent facility, with a whole range of weights, and a great atmosphere and friendly people. Another new place that just opened up downtown is the Gold’s Gym. I toured the facility when I first moved here, and I know someone who has joined. Equipment is great, although the environment is a rather gaudy (if you can stomach yellow and purple paint on the walls and everywhere else). But it is affordable too. If you come to Atlanta, think about joining our t-cell. We are just starting it up. GOod luck!

Yes, there are numerous good gyms in Atlanta. I go to Impact Fitness on Peachtree Industrial road. It is extremely affordable ( I pay 12.49 a month, through a special they had, it usually runs around upper 20’s) is a 24 hour facility, has everything you would possibly need for any training you may be doing, AND is extremely un-busy. I don’t know why, maybe its just hidden away and a “secret” place. What part of town will you be staying in?

Lorne, I work a block from that Gold’s Gym you mentioned, in the Equitable Building. Where do you work?

Stella, I work out at Gym of Buckhead, it’s a good facility, a little grungy but they allow chalk, Olympic lifting, have a power rack, etc. (if you’re into that kind of thing). I used to go to a gym called PTI in Sandy Springs. They were great, but just recently they became a Bodyplex and got rid of all their decent equipment. They’re still ok, though.

I’m going to remember this thread, come August. We’ll be in Atlanta for DragonCon sometime during that month. Lorne, I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Stella: I know of a few good gyms in the Seatlle area. And if you do end up there, Ko and I would be willing to travel on up for a weekend for some training.

I live in Seattle and work out at Gold’s Gym at the convention center. Address is 7th and Pike. The gym is located right at the heart of downtown Seattle, so depending on where you work, it should be easily accessible. In addition, for a mere couple extra bucks a month, Gold’s will let you use their two other Seattle locations: Aurora Ave, located in North Seattle, and Capitol Hill, located in the Broadway Market.

The best overall gym in Seattle is 24 hour fitness, but the people who work their remind me of used car salesmen. It’s the “social” gym. I don’t particularly like it.

Another good gym is the Vault. Located at 2nd and Columbia. A bit pricey-$79 a month. I think Gold’s is the most cost effective.

I suppose this post was really addressed to some one like me, who actually LIVES in the Seattle area. In reality, though, I can’t help much – I train at home. There’s a Powerhouse Gym some where, and more than a few Gold’s. Never been to any of them, and couldn’t tell you how to find them. Sorry.

If you happen to be in the Bellevue/Kirkland area there’s a good gym there called Iron Works that would be worth checking out. Kind of older hardcore, if it’s the same as it was back when I was up there.

I will assume you mean 'downtown" Seattle and your best bets for both $ and convenience would be 1201 Nautilus (don’t let the name scare ya), 4th floor, Washington Mutual Tower or the Gateway in the Gateway tower. You will find fellow T-men and T-vixens at both. There are a number of “golds” in the area, but you would be happiest at the one on Aurora. The gym formally known as “the Vault” was bought by “Pure Fitness”, a chain from Arizona, and then there is 24 hour…(need I say more). Good Luck

Thank you everyone for replying. Brider - You have no idea how lucky you are that you don’t have to find a new gym every year or so whenever you move to a different project site. I’d love to have a home gym that I can use every day.

Patricia -- if I'm going to Seattle after all, I'd love to see you and Ko up there. Someone told me that there's a rumor that I may end up stay in San Jose although I prefer to be a free agent.

To Atlanta T-Cell/Gang -- Currently I don't know exactly where in Atlanta I'd be. We're waiting on a big telecom client of ours in that area. If I go to Atlanta, I'll definitely send a msg to the Atlanta T-Cell people.

As for Seattle -- still not sure. It's also a telecom client for a migration project which is going to be a big headache. I hope it's in downtown cuz suburb would be dull.