Good Gym in Montreal

Hello everyone, does anyone know of any good gym in Montreal not too far from outremont with a decent price, heavy dumbells and not too much dipshits?


I am pretty glad with Kardiologik (De Castelnau subway station)

I checked it out, it is okay but there must be something better somewhere!

I looked it out, it wasn’t bad but there must be something better and more ‘‘hardcore’’ around! I hope…

Pour être honnete avec toi, Outremont c’est un quartier un peu frou-frou, le gym le plus raisonnable est probablement le Y sur Parc, mais, c’est un Y, donc tous les genres se pointent là.

Platinum gym in Cotes Des Neiges is very good!
Its about $350 a year, 160lbs dumbells, 3 powerracks, a bunch of benches, 24hrs pretty much everything you need. It’s on St-Catherine street right beside SuperSex.