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Good Gym in Middle TN?


I live in Antioch, TN (right outside Nashville) and I'm looking for a good gym to train at. I currently go to the YMCA but I'm kinda sick of the "pansy healthclub" feel. Ideally I'd like to train at a warehouse gym that has space for prowler/sled work. Anybody know of any good ones in the area? Any help is much appreciated!


Dis river don't go to Antioch. YOu dun takin' a wrong turrrn!!


That's a lovely picture of you, Dre the Hatchet.


There's a nice Gold's Gym in Jackson, but you'll have to drive at least an hour-and-a-half or so....


Hey thanks, SteelyD. Unfortunately Jackson is about 2 and a half hours from where I live.


Dude! I trained at that Gold's for two years before I moved. It is a good gym.

OP, I believe there's a Gold's in Murfreesboro. I've never been to it, I just know it's there.


There has to be a Rush Fitness Complex somewhere near you. I'm in Knoxville and those things are all over TN.


I'm right up the street from you. I go to the Snap on Nolensville...Definitely not a true lifters gym. No squat rack, no bench, just a fucking smith machine. I know there's another Snap on Bell Rd. But I have no clue if it offers more or less. So, you can probably chalk those off your list...



I've seen this place driving past on I40 a few times. It's in Mt. Juliet. Not sure if thats too far away for you or not.



another one. I'm not having any luck finding anything via google that exactly fits what you're looking for. Hope these help somewhat!


Olympus gym in Murfreesboro, had a monolift last time I was there and a contingent of powerlifters and Nemesis mma. Gaines brothers in Hermitage, Wade Johnson a ranked powerlifter works out there, there's also D1 in Cool Springs.


NAC (nashville), MAC (murfreesboro), FAC (franklin) aren't terrible. The MAC in murfreesboro is pretty good. They have a very nice cage with a lifting platform, a reverse hyper and a GHR bench and stuff. If you get a membership to one of them, you can go to all three. I'm generally at the franklin one which isn't as good.

Depends on where you live in relation to nashville.


My bad, I missed that you said Antioch. Yeah, MAC or NAC are good choices. You are probably pretty close to the NAC up on harding.


Flex Lewis works out at FAC. Its a pretty good gym.

The Brentwood YMCA is where I lift and its alright.

You could try fitrx out next to the maryland farms ymca. It has a prowler, plenty of squat racks, and other great equipment. But it may be too far a drive for you to make every day, plus I'm not sure about how much it costs.


flex no longer works out at the fac. he said he was moving to the olympus gym that opened down the street. i think he was part owner in it. i havent been in that one yet though.


huh i havent heard about the olympus gym. I want to check it out, because honestly I'm tired of the ymca. I think my friend's brother may actually go there. Is it a 24-hour gym?


i dont know anything about the olympus one. its on 96 just west of 65 in franklin


Don't know about the Olympus in Franklin, but the original in Murfreesboro is much better than the new one. I liked the NAC and FAC. I thought Flex was at the original Olympus.


I lift with Wade and some of our guys train at Graves on occasion. Gains in Hermitage has one cage and two squat racks... 2 flat benches. They also are moving to a 24 hr swipe card system. It's pretty cheap too $15 a month. They said once the swipe system is in they are going to be buying additional equipment.


Sorry kinda forgot about this thread lol.
But thanks for all the responses guys!

@waylanderxx Doesn't look like there are any Rush Fitness Complexes in my area. Thanks though.

@Chip Does Snap Fitness seriously not have a squat rack? Damn, I don't know how you do it man. There's one in Lavergne just a few minutes from my house but it doesn't look like I'll be going there lol. Not sure about the Graves Fitness but I didn't really like that it had "family-friendly facilities" advertised on the website haha. As for the Nashville Athletic Club, it looks like they have a ton of machines but I'm looking for something a little more hardcore-ish. Thanks for searching though, I really appreciate it. How's Snap working out for you?

@Servant Thanks man. Olympus sounds good. Any place with a monolift has to be better than a YMCA right? Gaines brothers and D1 might be a little out of the way but I'll keep them in mind.

@DoubleDuce Thanks man. I might go check those out.

@eggowned I love that you said they have a prowler. Fitrx is definitely in the running now lol.