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Good Gym In Irving TX???

Wasnt sure where to put this. I just moved to Irving from north Dallas. I went lookin for a new gym today and all I could find was a shitty ass 24 Hour Fitness “Sport”. They only had one squat rack! Membership was a good price but I’m lookin for a small, mom/pop, bodybuilder friendly gym. If anybody out there knows of one not too far please help me out.

How close are you to Arlington?

Pretty close. im at 183 and beltline.

dame that looks like my kind of place waldo! but its 20 miles away lol. money is tight! im gonna go check it out this week. you can never put a price on camaraderie!

Probably same issue in terms of distance but Stroud’s fitness in Hurst. http://www.stroudsfitness.net/index.html
It’s not pictured but there is a seperate room in the back with squat racks, a monolift, a cage, and leg machines. There is an alley in the back which is perfect for dragging a sled.
Kirk and Sam Stroud have their own powerlifting federation. There are a number of competitive powerflifters and bodybuilders there. Also several styles of martial arts have class there.

dame that place looks good too. only 10 miles away too. 20min drive is not bad at all. i gotta say i got a lot more responses than i thought i would with this thread. good lookin out fellas. o btw this is the place i was at. http://thegymdallas.com/ if anyone was curious. that place is the shit! and that forza equipment is the best in my opinion.