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Good Gym in Chicago?


I just moved into the Lakeview area and am looking for a good gym. I've toured a couple athletic clubs in the area (X-Sport Fitness and the YMCA), but all I really want is a weightroom and am loathe to pay the higher membership cost of the big clubs if there's a more austere option available.

Unfortunately I don't have the space to set up a home gym.

Anyone have any suggestions?


IndustrialPlaid, Good luck finding your gym with those criteria. It is so hard to find a gym that doesnt have to charge huge prices, because gyms arent usually big money makers, so the owners want to get as much as they can up front as soon as they can. I live out by Rockford, and I just train at home. I dont know where Lakeview is, but Im sure the heavy hitters arent far away, Golds, PowerHouse, etc. If your on a budget, then a home gym is your only option.


You're in luck. Quads Gym, near the corner of Addison and Broadway is walking distance to the Red line. Good environment... platform, bumpers, good cages, dbs to infinity, no problems with chalk/ drops and bailouts. Not too expensive, either. I built a platform etc. at home, so I train there almost exclusively, but my experience at Quads has been uniformly excellent. Check it out.


Thanks for the tip podling.