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Good Gym in Boston?


Hey there, I will be in Boston for a week for training in January. Will stay near the airport - can anyone recommend a good gym in Boston with decent day- or week pass rates?



none near the airport, except for a planet fitness, I think about a mile away. Your best bet is to stay in a hotel with a gym.


Man, as crappy as it sounds, it's true. There's not a whole lot around there.

How far are you willing to travel for a workout?

On the flip side, I went to Denmark this summer and I couldn't find a gym near my hotel in Copenhagen......

Now that I think about it, wasn't there some skinny kid from Boston who lived with his mom who used to post here with the area code in his name? 707? 731?


He is gone (at least I think, unless he is posting under a new name).

He has made some progress thou.

And as far as I remember he wasn't near the airport, but I could be wrong.

Boston is tha sux


In woburn there was a 24hr powerhouse about 20-30 minutes away from the airport, in Boston proper there isn't much if you go south shore there are a few gold's that are decent, but yeah not much in the way of real gyms anymore


Long time lurk, first time post:
This gym is highly rated, and they give you a free week pass. 10 minutes up RT93, not sure about time as far as public transportation goes though.


mos def.


yes, that's a great gym but it's a huge pain in the ass to get to from the airport via public transportation. if the op will have access to a car it will be much easier.


Hey boys, thanks for the replies and sorry for my late response. I have been on the road without internet access for some days.

Anyway - I will actually have access to a car and it will not bother me the slightest to drive 20-30 mins if the gym is worth it. I currently do something along the lines of DC so ideally the gym would be fairly well equipped.

The company booked us in at Comfort Inn which does have a gym but it looks pretty pathetic on their website (think: a do it all weight "machine" and rows up rows of elliptical trainers and other cardio equipment).