Good Gym Bags?

My last few gym bags have been shitty quality despite being name brands.

The zips have broken on side pockets and eventually on the main compartment. The seams have ripped all over the place on the bags and basically they’ve just been falling apart after less than 6 months use.

Just wondering if anyone can suggest a gym bag that’ll last longer than 6 months of heavy-handed use?

I may have just had the worst luck with bags, I’m also wondering has anyone else experienced this?

Try Under Armour, they are a bit on the expensive side, but I know 4-5 people that have those and love them.

My old bags sucked. One of my buddies is sponsored by APT, so we got some of their bags. They kick ass. waterproof except the zipper, thick material, lots of pockets.

Thanks for the replies.

Under Armour look good. Couldn’t find any APT for sale on UK sites, though.

Safeway plastic bag. :slight_smile:

I like the giant Nike bag I got at dicks… fits all my work cloths plus my boots and still has room for everything I need in the gym so I dont have to buy a locker everyday…

also, has some nice waterproof bags…

I use an old school bag. :-/

under armour, it rocks!