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Good Guard Dogs


I know there are threads talking about dogs already but AFAIK none really talk specifically about the pros and cons of different breeds of guard dogs.

My family have always had dogs but thay have always been family pets. Most barked and defended their territory to some degree but we currently have a 5 year old labrador/boxer cross that is useless to say the least. A nice gentle dog, and a really handsome strong dog(perfect for families) but it has ZERO protective instincts.
This normally isn't a problem but lately I've been worried.

We live in a pretty secluded area in the countryside. It is populated so people aren't far away but it would still be easy to break into somebody's house without them noticing at night(we don't have an alarm system). It's just myself and my mother living at home currently and I might even move out within the next year or so.

My mother works at a local bar just down the road. Twice in two weeks she was followed home(car followed her in the drive, watched her go in and then went away). Her place of work was also broken into(just a window smashed, nothing taken or damaged besides the window) and the police think it was people just checking to see how fast it took the police and owners to react. Additionally, the side gate to our house was broken some night last week. The latch was hanging off but not so much that you could open the gate. Still a hell of a job though.

So, on account of our dog being afraid of the dark(i'm serious), we were advised to get a guard dog. I would want a pup ideally so that it would accustomed only to our family and neighbourhood.

Does anybody have experience with guard dogs and could maybe give me some advice? We would be keeping our current dog as well if that is of any signifigance. We just need something that will actually scare people and defend the house if necessary.

Any advice appreciated.


A pair of blood-thirsty, purebred Dobermans.


German Shepherd, they are the most loyal bad ass dogs ever!! their protective instincts are unmatched in my opinion, and on top of that they are insanely smart....



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Akita's are said to be good guard dogs - plus they are fairly big.

And of course, the Doberman pinscher as well.



My mom owns a German Shepherd and she's awesome. She's a real softie though, a big time sweetie. She loves people, especially kids, so I always wonder that if someone were to break in to her house, how she would react. Shes really smart though, and a real pretty dog.

They shed though. A LOT. Everything in my mom's house is covered in fucking dog hair, it's almost impossible to keep it under control. Especially during the winter when she's inside most of the time. I'm over there for 20 minutes, and I leave with a nice thin coat of dog hair all over me. I hate it.

Other than that, German Shepherds are great dogs. If and when I ever get a big enough place of my own, I'm going to get one.


I second German Shepherd. I had a large black shepherd and her bark alone would send people packing. She was also extremely smart, and would read hostility in people like a billboard. With that, she would sit directly in front of them and stare them down until they left.

She never actually had to attack. Her presence was plenty to keep even the lowest of my low life friends in line.


I've got to vote for the bullmastiff. This is the type of dog my family always has. They are awesome but they don't have long lives six or seven years. Also they eat a shit ton of food. They are expensive. And their bark is SO LOUD they'd scare just about anyone away. Dobie and Rott also great.


All good recommendations. You might want to look into Cane Corsos as well.


this one.


x5 on the German Shephard


Who really wants to fuck with a Chow?


Chows are fucking mean. One dog I keep my distance from.


Cane Corsos are not guard dogs. And anyone breeding them for that is doing a disservice to the breed.

My family owned one for 13 years. Not a guard dog. Yes, a 130lb dog is intimidating but it will not attack people. Properly bred Corsos just dont have that temperament.


Don't get Australian Shepherds. I have 1 (had 2). They protect the house pretty good but they are just not intimidating when you look at them, and probably won't do anything but bark.

My pick would be a Rottweiler. You want a dog that can fight but is also good with the family. You just have to train it properly!

Also: Caucasian Shepherd (look up pictures, jesus christ)


Cane Corso's look soooo badass though. LOL would scare the shit out of anyone.

Really though, Go with a German Sheppard, for obvious reasons. Also they come very big if you pick the right breeder.



Sheppards can be very big.



If it is just you and mom get an American Pitbull, real loyal and extremely territorial. They are aggressive though. Real smart dogs. Our dog catches rats and possums along with squirrels. There is stigma with pitbulls but if your trying to protect your house its a good stigma to have.




I have an American Pit too...and boy do I love him more then anything :slightly_smiling: BUT...would I recommend the breed? Depends. I've had to be very stern with mine, and sometimes you really gotta show them who's boss because they're like shitty little kids lol. In the end though, they are sooo loving and loyal. They're super smart too, but it all depends on your personality. I love the challenge, but it can be frustrating at times. Anyway, in my experience if you just want a protective dog that's easy to train, get a german shepard! sorry for the rant, hope this helps.