Good gawd

Awhile ago heavythrower posted a photo of his upper-back development, attributing it in large part to snatch- grip highpulls I’ve recently incorporated these into my workouts and they are in fact kick-ass I am rolling them into Chads workout suggestions in his last branding iron column I generally end up doing squats, pullups/or rows, push/or incline presses
hanging/or supported leg raises, hamstring curls and the highpulls I’m doing 2-3 sets, 4-8 reps, at least 2x per week I know,I know nothing really interesting here it’s just that the highpulls hit my traps like nothing I’ve ever done before and they do this every single time I’m only doing about 120 pounds however I think my form is pretty damn good and I have a tendency to usually pull something between my scapula and spine on my right side when doing any upright rowing movements

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hey ive tried the upright rows but they make my shoulders sore or at least used to, any ideas?

I’m not really sure of your specifics and there are lot of armchair kinesiologists on this forum so I’ll let them field your question. Are you familiar with SG highpulls, they kind of resemble a deadlift accelerating into a upright row Anyway check out “traps” in the photo-section by heavythrower, numerous tips and websites are recommended for the execution of this lift
Thank you