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Good Gainer Shake?


I previously purchased a gainer called Serious Mass to try and put some more size and lean muscle on. It contains 50g of Protein and a huge amounts of calories the only set back is the serving sizes to get all the calories and protein advertised you must take two scoops (which are the size of laundry detergent scoops) also the taste is horrible equivalnt to what I imagine chalk would taste like.

So Im posting this to see if anyone out there knows of a powder that will help with weight gain but requires less powder and is better tasting and easier to drink any suggestions?? thank you


The pro complex gainer is pretty good.


Next time, post some more stats. When i first looked at this post, i thought to myself, "2 scoops and 50g of protein isnt a weightgainer, its a 'weightgainer.'" Calories = 1250, and carbs= 250.


Why not increase the macro and micronutrient profile by using whole foods instead?

A couple cups of whole milk, fruit, a tablespoon or two of organic peanut or almond butter; to increase protein intake, add a scoop of a quality powder (take a look at the store on this site).

That's my preferred solution to the gainer products on the market, which by my reckoning are generally low grade and loaded with filler.


Do you really think you need a 1,250-calorie shake? That's just absurd.

Geez Louise. Over 1,200 calories and only 50 grams of protein? It's basically 80% carbs/20% protein. A typical carb-bomb, kitchen-sink formula. Nothing special or genuinely beneficial (other than basic calories).

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

What's your current height and weight?

How much bodyweight have you gained in the last eight weeks?

I have a hard time buying the necessity of a shake that has that many calories. Unless your schedule is absurdly hectic, and I'm betting it really isn't, I'm sure you can increase your whole food intake to bump up your daily calories while relying on a more moderate and more sane shake formula.

Something like Metabolic Drive Complete with whole milk, peanut butter, and other random goodness (fruit or whatever) can get up around 700-800 calories per shake and deliver less carbs and more protein.
(Seems to be out of stock right now, but even the basic Metabolic Drive is 100 calories per scoop. Add that to a big blender concoction and you'd be good to go.)

Point is, even the bigger dudes on this site, who carry much more bodyweight and lean muscle than you or I, don't seem to have 1,200+ calorie shakes on a daily basis. You can, and should, be focused on eating whole foods first.


I got suckered into those ridiculous high calorie 'gainers' when I first started lifting. The bottom line is that you can't force feed muscle growth, so definitely increase your numbers, but within reason. learning to 'hide' calories in your meals is key. get yourself a basic, decent protein powder (Metabolic Drive perhaps? -lol), throw in some natural peanut butter, a half cup of raw oats and some honey, and you've got yourself a 700-800 cal shake, that not only tastes great, but isn't loaded with 'crap' or 'filler' calories.



Metabolic Drive Complete?

It's not marketed as a "gainer," but I've always used it for this purpose since it seems higher quality than all the weight gainer products I've seen.

Mix in milk and add fruit, peanut butter, or anything else if you want to boost food intake.


RE: the advice given so far...



These. Awesome. http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_supplements/shake_it_up



When I know I have a busy morning where I cant eat for more than 4-5 hours, like doing a 9-5 schedule, I'll do this. It's extremely filling. Keeps me full for a good 3 hours. But it takes about 15 minutes to get it all down.

8-12oz whole milk
1/4-1/2 cup oats
1tbs natural omega enriched PB
60g of whey (or more)
2-3 eggs
1-2tbs of extra light olive oil
frozen berries
ice cubes

You can pretty much tailor the amount of everything to fit your calorie needs. Its definitely better than any powder you can buy.

Thats all in a blender


Thanks everyone for all the advice and the help!