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Good Full Body Routine

Anyone know a good full body routine?
Been debating switching things up for awhile and thought I’d give it a go.
I had been steered toward Waterbury’s “Next Frontier” and was wondering if anyone had any input into this particular program?

looks like a cool program thanks for the link. seems to be a ton of volume regardless of the break in periods. i think if calories were kept high and sleep was 9hrs it would be awesome. i can never decide for myself whether full body or split is the way to go but ive been playing around with 2 a days / high frequency and i do believe a lot of answers lie within that. good luck post feedback when your done!

I like Chad. Have you ever trained each body parts 3 times weekly ?
He wrote about 12 programs and each 1 is impossible to beat, well according to him.
Growing super fast is often bad weight. If it is muscles and strenght it might create joints issues. If you go for it just listen and avoid bad pain to stay problem free would be my advice. Many like shocking their bodies it might look like short term superior results but time wasted recovering from joint issues can be costly.

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with slow constant progress.

All the best !

my favorate by far, full-body routine is the “German body comp for Athletes program” by Charles Poliquin.

I have run it twice for 6 weeks each (did some other programs between) and both time I got stronger, more conditioned, healthier, and a lot leaner without significant weight loss or gain.

Strength and accesory section of these workouts…