Good Freestanding Squat/Bench Combo

I want to purchase a good pair of squat jacks that are in combination with a place to bench out of. A buddy of mine recommended the York 48052 fts squat stands. I am not sure of the weight capacity of them though. I would like to squat stands to be able to hold 600lbs and the bench portion to hold 400lbs.

I don’t have space for a squat cage and I have no problem maxing on squats with no safety pins. Does anybody have any good suggestions? Also I am not made of money so it does need to be reasonably priced. I also like the concept of the racks holding plate weights to make them more sturdy. Thanks in advance for any input I receive.

You can buy a combo rack for around 1200 i think…or if you know someone who can get the steel and do the welding, you can build one for around 600-700

just google steve howard combo rack

If you can get a welder to make you a set of racks to the same specification as the er racks you’ll have a solid combo.

$3000 for the er rack is a bit more than I can handle. It would be nice though.

get a power rack and a flat bench and call it a day. I had a powertech set up that I really liked and wasn’t too spendy.

Check craigsist. If I was buying something new I would go with texas strength systems.

The $900 for the texas power systems is more what I was looking for. I have been on craigslist a lot. That is where I got my d-bell set and freeweights. I picked up a set of rubber coated hex dumbbells from 10-60, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s with a life fitness two tier rack for $800.