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Good Frame for Men's Physique?

Hi im new here and just wanted critiques on my v taper and if I have potential to compete in men’s physique. I am 6 foot 2 @205 pounds with a 32 inch waist right now at 15% fat I think? I am 100% natty. (I know I need gear to compete with the big boys)

Seems pretty obvious that you have a nice V taper. You have fairly nice latissimus attachments.

Your traps need much attention. And your obliques and abs are underdeveloped.

That said, with some more muscle you should do well in Men’s Physique.

Ty ty I still need lots of work ya but about the obliques…I am afraid of the wais thickening if I do work them. I do have good abs lol just I’m fat atm lmfao.

What about the legs?
They also play a role in the contest :wink:

I think you are too far away from where you need to be, to be afraid of this right now. Your waist might almost look too small if you had the muscle mass of the top guys right now and your current waist.

You have a good frame. I would just try to add clean mass and not worry right now if the muscle in your torso gets bigger. You can always dial back some exercises if you think it gets too big.

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The problem many people have is that they believe any oblique thickening will give the illusion of less V taper. But good chiseled obliques are the perfect “picture frame” to showcase your abs. So you also have to go to work on the “picture”, your abs. You need more ab thickness in order to amplify the separation when you cut. Good obliques and abs will draw the judges eyes.

Right now both are too small. Mistakenly, many talk about the ideal “wasp waist”. The problem is that a “wasp waist” looks weak and catches no eyes, for you have a tiny “picture”.


OP did say Men’s Physique competition. Long board shorts. Legs are not judged.

Ty for the input guys

Ahhh sorry, really didn’t know that.