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Good Forearm Workout

Does anyone know of a good forearm routine?

Probaly obvious, but I started doing reverse barbell curls again and these wrecked my forearms!! A nice change for my biceps too I think. MERF

Check out my “Old School Grip Training” article in the 2001 archive issues. It’s awesome. Good Luck!

I like farmer’s walks

Or, how about deadlift holds on a Hammer Strength machine. Or deadlifts using a Apollon’s Axle. I do agree with the reverse barbell curls and Chad’s program!

I agree with the deadlifts a lot. One thing that I just started doing are reverse curls on a Scott bench. They are more difficult than standard reverse curls and a little awkward at first. I think that I read about them somewhere in T-Forum land.

As weird as it sounds, try hanging from the chinning bar for a while. I start and end every routine with this, usually hanging for one “set” until my forearms can’t take it. Its a good pre-exhaust, especially if I’m deadlifting or chinning that day.

poliquin wrote an excellent article on t-mag about forearm training a while back. i think it was called “can’t add size to your biceps? try training the forearms” in which he outlines a 12 week program to add size to the forearms, he gives exercise that cover all of the flexors of the forearms (remember the forearm flexes in 4 planes and pronates and supinates.)