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Good for this Lady



I think she did right by herself and her family, quick thinking, apparently waited for the foot to enter then did the deed.


I salute her.


That would have been a scary situation to be waiting for them to break in especially if she knew one of them was her stalker.


This is typical happenings in redneck country. I can just about imagine how it went down...

"'ey Billy let's break in there and get that bitch."

"Alright Wes, you got that knife of yours on ya?"

"Ye bet"

Pounding on door

"Heya darling, we don wanna hurt ya. Let us in"

Breaks door open

%^& gun shot blasts a hole through the dude %^&

"OH SHIT BILLY. You don got a hole in ya!"



Then again, a loaded gun is considerable moral support.

Y u no armed to the teeth CH?


I pity any future girls that fuck with him lol


I don't know. We can own some guns in Canada but you need a license.

Hmmm maybe I should be armed to the teeth.

It might be fun to shoot stuff too. :slight_smile:



Fuckin' A!

Tough girl, especially after JUST losing her husband.


Good for her.

I wanted to punch those plastic news idiots in the face.


Read about this earlier today. Good for her. Horrible story, losing her Husband to cancer on Christmas and then these low-lives decide to take advantage of the young (18 I believe) newly alone mother.... damn those f-ers to hell. Seeing crap like this really shakes my faith in humanity sometimes.



Makes me feel good about the times we live in. There have always been bad people who pray on the weak and vulnerable. For the vast majority of human history a widow living alone would not have had access to a firearm, nor any other weapon that would give her the chance to defend herself, this story would have had a horrible ending. I'm glad she took her safety into her own hands, and wish more people would do the same.


Did the intruder not deserve a warning?

"I have a gun and will shoot you if you break in" may have saved a life.


No. This was clearly not a, "Shit, I'm at the wrong house." sorta thing.
The intent was malicious. Not all life is precious, this is a common misconception.


OH I totally fucking agree with this!
I'm sick of people that have this idea that a person in the process of committing a horrible act some how should have the same decent warning as any other victim.


Did the woman in the home not deserve to have her home remain undamaged, herself unassaulted?

To steal a line, I'm glad that fucker's dead. In fact, I hope he burns in hell.

Not one worth the resources it consumed. That includes the metal she put in the trash.


No, the intruder got exactly what he deserved.


Whatever it takes.