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Good Foods While Under a Lot of Stress???


What are some easy to digest, high protein, and high calorie foods to eat during a period of high stress. I just don't want to add further stress to my body my putting a lot of things in it that it doesn't want to digest if there are better alternatives.


Double royal with cheese........


A pint of Rocky Road ice cream.

No but in all seriousness, how can you have so much stress that you can't handle digesting food!?!

But eggs.




I don't have a very strong gut. Simply put, i get a lot of stomach problems(mostly bad stomach upset and discomfort and nasea) whenever i get stressed out. It becomes harder to eat without getting naseated halfway into a meal. I still scarf it down, but it gives me problems later. When i'm not stressed over anything and able to get a lot of sleep, i don't have this problem.


You should look into something that can help lower cortisol (stress released hormone). Search the site for it, maybe you have food intolerances causeing these stressors to hard to tell though, just a suggestion. ZMA, Z12, Melatonin, or GABA might help you sleep a little better.


Do you think an adaptogen like ginseng might help me better cope with stress. I was also thinking about using some ginger every day.


High calorie? No

High protein? No

Go away.

To the OP, peanut butter is about as high calorie as you will get without drinking oil.

I'd imagine pretty easy to digest.

Rhodilia Rosea (sp?) is meant to be good for reducing stress.

I would back ZMA too.


Ginger is good for digestion, but I think aside from professional help, you need to find out what works for you.


have you tried probiotics?


Ginger's been working really well already. It's become really easy to devour the food i need to eat now. I'm also really surprised how quickly it began working. Usually with the herbals it takes a week to a month for them to really start working.