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Good Food That Doesn't Make You Fat

I’m not sure if there is already a thread that has been posted with physique friendly food recipes (although I know Chris Shugart has a crap ton of them). If there is then I guess we could start a new one. Here is one to start out with:

Greek Yogurt Frosting

Get a tub of greek yogurt and mix in with Jello sugar free vanilla pudding (feel free to play around with other flavors too) until it is thick and VERY custard like. If your diet has a bit of wiggle room in it, grind a sugar free Oreo into the mix. Just one…only 1 cookie is not significant in calories, but if your diet is that anal, leave it out. Eat straight out of the bowl, or find something to put it on. It has the same consistency of frosting, and comes pretty damn close to the taste, but without the sugar and other crap and with a good amount of protein.