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Good Food On The Go


I’m really focussing on improving my nutrition at the minute and I think I’ve got a lot of it sorted but I’m usually out at lunch time and struggle to eat anything good. I won’t be able to heat anything up, it just needs to be something I can prepare in the morning and take with me. I’m currently trying to eat a fair bit to get stronger.

Does anyone have any good ideas what I could do? If it helps I’ll have access to a blender, slow cooker, grill and oven at home.

Thanks in advance.


Double cook the dinner and bring it with a tupperware. You can almost eat anything cold.

If you’re adamant cooking in the morning with breakfast items, eggs, cold meat & veg. If you want carbs, oatmeal. I felt stupid answering this


I am really clueless with food so even though it’s obvious to you, it isn’t to me. I was worried what ever I cooked would taste terrible cold, it usually does when I try it.
Thanks for the suggestions.


These with a can of diced pineapple or potatoes is a good at work snack. Throw in some protein shakes and you should be good


I’ll look out for that. I’m in England and I’ve not seen it before so I don’t know if they’ll sell it.


Looks like cat food.



I tend to use chicken wraps if I know I won’t be able to use the microwave. I cook a whole chicken the night before, then butcher it and add it to some wholemeal wraps. Add lettuce, peppers, spinach and some bbq sauce

two wrap would be 70g carbs, protein depends on how much you wanna bang on. Nice and easy.


That’s a good idea, thank you.


We grill chicken and cut it into pieces. Then pick at that throughout the day. But we’ll grill several skinless breasts, so it sets you for a week or so. Cold chicken doesn’t taste as good as hot… But eat to live. Don’t live to eat. Food is fuel and nutrients.


Apples bannas seeds and nuts bring your protein powders with you or keep it in your car with you. Protein bars or just any healthy bar with you. Fast food is usually not a good thing. But supermarkets always have something good. Like everyone else said make food earlier and eat it cold. Itll still be good. Fruits vegetables carrots . get a nutri bullet and prepare it the night before. Wake up and blend it then take it on the go


Thank you for the detailed response it’s helpful.