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Good Follow-up Program?

Like the post says, I’m looking for some suggestions on a follow-up program to Alwyn Cosgrove’s MMA complex training. I completed a four week stint, mixed in with Thai Boxing 4x a week in the evenings and 4x/wk increasing tempo cardio sessions after each lifting complex in the morning.

I was averaging 9 workouts a week. Narrowly escaped not puking on the final week! If anyone was thinking of trying the routine I suggest having a bucket handy.

I can keep-up the frequency in training, but not sure if I should stick with this style of training longterm before having to ‘deload’. I was considering a push-pull routine and would like to improve my strength while maintaining good endurance for MMA and Thai. Since I’m not competing anymore weight issues are not important.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I just feel like I have too many options and not enough vision for my goals since I stopped trying to stay around 180lbs. I’d like to put on some size, but enjoy training for combat sport and don’t want to lose that edge. I’ve posted some numbers to give a reference;

Currentl 180 lbs
Clean & Jerk - 210lbs x 2
Deadlift - 360 x 2
Bench - 230 x 2
Squat - 305 x 3 (not sure now, been a couple of months)

Thanks in advance.