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Good Fitness Applications for Phone?


Do any of you have a good fitness application for my mobile phone?


which phone?

I like "Lose It" for tracking my food
and "Gym Buddy" for a workout log. I've also used iFitness, but like Gym Buddy better.

iPhone apps


Yeah... you could put down the phone while you are in the gym, and lift weights. It works well for most people who us this application.




I have "Gym Buddy" on my ipod touch. Really handy, calculates 1RM etc for you.


How about leave the phone in your locker/car and focus on your workout?

I can't stand all the douchebags in my gym who sit on a bench and talk on the phone for 30+ mins. Dude STFU and get off the only decline bench in the gym.


what part of "it's my log book" don't some people understand?