Good First Cycle Gains from Test E/Winny

hi done lots of research and think about startin a test e winny cycle was just wondering if theres if any of u guys have had good gains from this type of cycle or if u can tweak it to be better that would be much appreciated thanks lads:))))))

I have never run test E (as I prefer test prop and 8 week cycles), but here is what I would do personally if I were to run test E for a 12 week beginner cycle.

Week 1-12

500mg a week split into 2 shots (monday and friday) with a 1000mg Frontload on the first shot

Adex .5mg EOD

weeks 1-5
Dbol 50mg ED

weeks 9-beginning of PCT
Winstrol 50mg ED

PCT 2 weeks after last shot
40/40/20/20 with adex taper.

I think that should give you some pretty sweet gains.

thanks alot for the imput mate really apreciated gunna do some more research then get started september i think cheers agin

500mg Test E

If you dont want the bloat go with Tbol, if your a skinny guy run Dbol.

Personally I love tbol, cant go wrong with it.