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Good First Bulk Diet?


hey just wondering if some one could link me to a good starting bulk diet for a 6.4ft 65kg male. I have only $100 a week for food and don't care if it tastes like shit but rather that its good for my diet. I live in Australia by the way so if any Aussies out there that could help me out would be much appreciated.

also just spent $350 on

3x 5.45kb bags of ON serious mass

1 kg of pure creatine

swiss multivitamins and fish oil.

Just want to get a good diet in order now before i start the gym in about a weeks time when my friend gets his licence back.


Good thing you asked, because this topic has never been discussed ever on these forums.

Also good thing you just blew 350 on supps and such when you're 6.4 and just over 130 lbs.

Seriously....at your size, just eat whatever. Go eat pizza and stuff right after you work out, because it seriously won't matter. Just eat a lot. Come back in about 40 pounds or so, then you can do some reading about "clean bulking" and whatnot.





Cheap, effective.


Nothing more annoying than a bump 1 hour after a post. Look around, there's plenty of info on this site. Hell, there's like 3 "How do I bulk threads" going on in this forum right now.


Buy Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength and do everything he says.


Beginner's forum you lazy fuck.


Your user name is very intriguing considering so far you fit the mold of someone who will probably either: give up within a year, jump from program to program never getting the gains they want due to a horrible diet and reliance on supplements, or become the typical bench and curl master.

That $350 you spent on weight gainer could have easily been used towards a month worth of food to eat in between meals to make your gaining process much easier, but to each their own.


As others have said, you just need to eat! I'm the same height as you and about 45kg heavier...
I'm an Aussie as well, surely you can find things like big bags of rice, oats, milk etc for pretty cheap.

Find a discount butcher e.g. Super Butcher (in QLD), and buy as much steak as you can afford.


Question: So at his "size" does he want to be eating sweats/soada or anything with high sugars?


If you recognize it, you're guilty...


Well the reason i was asking that was because im pretty much in the same situation as him. So i was asking for me and him both.


The answer is NO. Even for skinny guys, sugars are taboo since they reduce your insulin sensitivity and thus negate any potential gains (remember, insulin is your most anabolic hormone!).

HOWEVER, spaced around your work-outs (during and directly after in the locker room) you could have some Snickers bars or whatever. Right after your workout you WANT that insulin surge!
Personally, I prefer cocoa-powder (dextrose, maltodextrine) mixed in with my protein shake and some bananas as my workout sugars.

And good for you you didn't recognize what's in the picture. You still have a soul, congrats!


This thread is a joke, right?